Whether its creating a domain for your business, creating a fan page or even creating an online shopping domain, the most important thing to bear in mind is that the name of the domain should be good. What’s in a name?, you might wonder and the answer to that is everything. Then name of a domain is one of the most important factors on which its success depends. It depends on how catchy or easy to pronounce the name is. It should be simple yet be able to have depth, small but should convey a meaning and most importantly it should be easy to type. Here are some tips on how to name your domain for the best possible output.


Easy to type

Finding a domain name that is easy to type is quite tricky nowadays mainly because there are so many domains going up that all the names are taken and since each domain name has to be unique finding a name that is easier to type for critical searches is hard. Selecting a word that is easy to type as well as easy to remember is critical as this will be one of the governing factor in your domains success. It has been proven that domain names which are easy to remember and have some sort of connection to the service that the domain offers are the ones that succeed the most.

Keep it short

Selecting a domain name which is long isn’t ideal because long names are very hard to remember and are often forgotten, also long domain names are one of the least visited domains solely due to the fact that they are harder to type and hence the user opts for a better alternative. Selecting a short domain name will ensure that the users don’t forget it easily and keep revisiting the domain and this will ultimately lead to the success of the domain. Hence it is essential to keep the domain name short and easy to pronounce.


Target your desired audience and use keywords

While creating a domain it is essential to know your target audience and to work towards building a domain name that relates with the audience and is easily memorable. If you are able to find that connection between you and your audience then your domain will be a major success. Using keywords that resonates with your audience and is connected to the type of service you offer in your domain will ensure that your domain never gets lost in the huge crowd of domains out there and it ensures that your domain will show up on the first page of the google search.