People host their websites in a range of different ways and it can be different for each business and their needs.

Shared Hosting

Most people decide to go with shared hosting but this might not be the best method if you are looking for a more robust solution. Shared hosting is powerful because it is quite cheap but your website is hosted alongside other websites meaning the resources you get usually aren’t great. This is the type of hosting that most companies offer as their “cheap” option. It’s also the most popular by far, accounting for around 70% of all hosted websites.


Dedicated Hosting

This a far more expensive option but depending on how many resources your website needs it can definitely be worth it. Having your whole own environment can be very beneficial and it means you don’t have to get your website hosted alongside other websites giving you more control.


SEO Hosting

If you are hosting a large number of sites, often referred to as a private blog network there are SEO hosting services that would worth looking into. Private blog networks are a common method that SEOs use to boost their website rankings. For it to be successful they need good PBN Hosting which can be very powerful when done right, but it’s something that takes quite a lot of finesse and it would only be worth trusting reputable providers.


VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but it’s usually not as powerful. The great thing is that it’s often much cheaper so it’s a good option if you a bit more tech savvy. Virtual private servers give you complete control and it means you can do pretty much anything you want or need on it. Need to host your emails? No problem you can do that on a VPS very easily!



It’s worth looking at all the variables and probably talking with someone who has hosted on the above options before to give you some advice as to what would work best for you and your business.